The Good, The Bad and The Boring — A Writer’s Update While Stuck Inside

Hello, Again,

I hope you’ve been well since our last meeting. This impromptu post came to mind while working on something else and decided it was the right time to give an update. Like everyone else out there trying to adjust, cope, deal, and process all that is happening in our world with COVID-19, my normal schedule has been altered. I am balancing my normal to-do list with creating school assignments and activities for my cousin while he’s out of school.

On top of that, I’m working through a family situation that involves caring for a family member and their recovery. But I won’t get into that right now. I am still writing, reading, and kicking ass–just at a bumper rate at the moment. Ironically, this is a post I drafted based on just the titles several years ago. As both a writer and a (general) book blogger, I have always found more comfort in posting my comments and thoughts on the material I read. Rather than sharing personal stories of my struggles and hard times.

Putting that all into a journal or in the thoughts and words of a fictional character I’ve created was always easier for me than to just post it here. Will I make that part of my “something new” theme here? I don’t know. I think keeping this generally a book-blog/media site is what works best for me.

It has allowed me to make a number of contacts with creative indie writers and it is still a space I feel at home with. However, that urge to share more of me with all of you and the rest of the world bubbles just under the surface. So,  a few weeks ago I applied to be a contributing content writer with Ghost Speaks. It is a powerfully open platform where writers and just normal people can share their stories with the rest of the world anonymously, under a pen name or their own.

Over there I am still G. Jacks for the pieces I’ve shared but who knows, I might submit a few things anonymously from time to time. 😏 Whether you check out Ghost Speaks because of my posts or someone else’s story I highly recommend putting in the time to read some of the pieces there. You never know, you could come across a post from a person who has or is going through the same thing you are.

With the current restrictions and limitations we are all facing, I have turned to books, manga, anime, tv shows (a few) and writing to space out my free time and remain busy. The latter has always been my strongest saving grace. For those who might be having a hard time adjusting, I wanted to close out this post with a few options to pass the time.


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#1 Take Up a New Hobby – Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do or a random pick of choice, a new hobby could be rather satisfying. For those who like a challenge or need the challenge while inside, I’d suggest crocheting, build model cars, sewing, make elaborate obstacle courses for toys,  jigsaw puzzles, writing😉😉 or learning how to code! Haha, that last one is way out there but stuck at home with extra time on your hands, this could be the opportunity to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to.

Plus, if you’re someone with kids at home as well, you can limit that extra screen time by including them in a hobby along with you. My cousin is a big reader like myself (because I gave him the reading bug lol), so it’s easy to get him to read books. That, and we don’t have too much screen time at the house but I know that’s not the case for everyone. But give it a try and see what can come of it.

#2 Skype, (Airtime, Marco Polo, Rave) or Zoom Challenges with Friends – I am in a Facebook group where this idea originally sparked this option. We have these events (in our own homes) involving baking or crafting. Not unlike catching up with friends who may be out of state and you can only video each other. We are also still getting to know each other but it’s nice to have these crafting and baking “events” while inside. Another reason I’ve liked this activity is that we have made it a COVID-19 talk free zone.

#3 Have a Netflix Watch Party – kinda like the Skype/ Zoom thing but with Netflix. It’s not exactly a night out at the movies and it has to be done via a computer. But it is still a means of connecting with loved ones. I am in a few anime, manga and book discord groups also and a number of us have formed watch parties together as well.

#4 LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA TIME – I saved this one for last because let’s face it, with the number of people stuck at home now that can only mean more social media mayhem and craziness. To keep our peace of mind, we should take this time to unplug from social media more rather than lean into it. Our anxiety is bad enough, don’t you think?

I tune in for the news in the morning, but even that is limited. I have notifications on my phone for the news apps as well so that I can be aware and access it when I need to but that is it. With so much going on, I’d prefer to keep my wits about me and have more calm moments instead of unnecessary panicky ones. But that is just a personal preference.

The point of all of this was an attempt at giving you ways to make the most out of this strange and difficult time. What about you? Do you have any other creative suggestions to pass the time?


Thanks for dropping by and checking out my post. Take care and be safe.

Until the next post,

Gia.Red Heart