Review Policy

Book Review Request Policy


I often boast that I could just about read and talk about anything—and I can—however, with this past year of book-slinging and reviewing, I’ve come to realize that there are specific books, genres and narratives—well-known and not—that matter more for me to speak/write about and share than others.

Now with that said, this review policy will not affect previous authors or publishers I have worked with or reviewed books for in the past and whom would like to work with me again.

Secondly, I had the misfortune of being pushed off of my normal reading/review-posting schedule following my last move, and in order to prevent that from happening again, most review request will be arranged in a first come, first served manner. However, I am not obligated to answer and accept all requests submitted.

Books I Will Accept:

Diverse Books ie:

  • Books with POC Leads
  • Culture rich books
  • Books by POC authors
  • Books by LGBTQ+ authors, LGBTQ+ themed/content books
  • Books by POC female authors specifically
  • WIT Books (books written by women in different languages from all around the world that have been translated into English)

Specific Genres:

  • Sci-fi
  • Rom-Com (35% of the time)
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Action Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Non-traditional /Non-Western material like Fairytales For Lost Children

**Genres not specified from this list will most likely be ignored.**

Age Range: Middle school & up. I love reading and sharing material with my younger cousins 🙂

Cross-Posting: I cross post my reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

Note For Self-Published Authors:

As a writer myself, with a number of other writers friends who are self-published, I get it. And I wouldn’t mind considering/accepting a review request or two by self-published authors, but please be advised that this does not mean I will accept or respond to all requests.

Accepted Formats:

eBooks, Print and Audiobooks are all welcome, though I will only accept ePub formats for eBooks and audiobooks via


I appreciate honestly and I should hope that those who reach out to me for my honest opinion on their work do as well. Regardless of the fact that a book fits into my preferred reading perimeters, it is important that the author know it does not guarantee a  five star review rating or a favorable review.

Thank you so much for considering me to read your work.