A Writer’s Update: A Month Away (Give Or Take Several Days)


So, I had decided to take some time off, sort of speak for the month of November to rethink a few things, make some outlines, make a few lists and just a general plan for the next few months now that I’m not in the safe, cozy and familiar isolation that was my solitude.

I think it would be tactful to go without mentioning though that the break was much needed in the sense that I was sort of grappling with that reoccurring feeling of being spun around in this uncreative void. This break was not only on my blog, but it was also on all of my social media platforms, and it even included a slight step back from interacting with a few of my friends on occasion because I felt so incredibly and embarrassingly lazy.

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I Want Out (Pt.1 Of Stages)

Hiya, guys:

This post is clearly a bit different than the normal ones, obviously, but I’ve been kind of in a weird limbo lately. I used to write a lot of poems in high school to help put things into perspective and I was struggling with a bit of raw emotions this month, creatively, professionally and personally, so I decided to go back to my roots, sort of speak.

My original goal was to keep all/any poems I wrote on my writer’s cafe page here, basically because the pieces are usually short, but since it’s a short series, I figured putting them here would be better.  (Though I will still be posting them to my writer’s cafe page.)

There are a few parts to this collect and if it isn’t clear already, Stages deals with the different levels of separation. Not only romantic relationships, but familial ties and friendships. I hope you all enjoy it and take something from it or, at the very least are able to find some catharsis in it.

I Want Out (Pt.1 Of Stages)

I want out
Of this afflicting corrosion
Of this cage
Of these chains

Let me breathe
The fresh, brisk air of freedom
The wondrous curiosity of the future
The alluring excitement of adventure

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Reflection Post (#001)


I’d like to start by making a promise. A promise to whom ever may happen a pond my lonely, insignificant, WordPress blog within the depths of the internet, and a promise to myself. You see, I’ve recently noticed that with all of the writing I’ve been doing this past year in school, I’ve been neglecting doing personal and creative posts. I think it’s partly because when my assignments are finally completed, I’m often too tuckered out to write anything else. Then I get in a sort of mood and regret not making a short blog post, but that’s all on me. If I want to write, then I need to write. Regardless if I’ve just turned in a so and so number of pages for a term paper, or slammed out thirty plus pages for a script in two days. My craft is an art form that only grows in strength when I actually take the time and effort in to develop it. Another interesting thing I noticed today was that I immediately came home, from a long and slow day at work, and began to work on an assignment without giving my body or mind a few minutes to rest.  I’ve always been a workaholic and obsessive-compulsive, but it seems the challenges from this past year have set me off course somehow. I’m sick of being idle, passive and stoic. I want to find that path again and continue to move forward. So, with this first post of reflection I aim to be more active, creative and involving with what I publish to this wondrous, blank canvas.

Until next time,