Reflection Post (#001)


I’d like to start by making a promise. A promise to whom ever may happen a pond my lonely, insignificant, WordPress blog within the depths of the internet, and a promise to myself. You see, I’ve recently noticed that with all of the writing I’ve been doing this past year in school, I’ve been neglecting doing personal and creative posts. I think it’s partly because when my assignments are finally completed, I’m often too tuckered out to write anything else. Then I get in a sort of mood and regret not making a short blog post, but that’s all on me. If I want to write, then I need to write. Regardless if I’ve just turned in a so and so number of pages for a term paper, or slammed out thirty plus pages for a script in two days. My craft is an art form that only grows in strength when I actually take the time and effort in to develop it. Another interesting thing I noticed today was that I immediately came home, from a long and slow day at work, and began to work on an assignment without giving my body or mind a few minutes to rest.  I’ve always been a workaholic and obsessive-compulsive, but it seems the challenges from this past year have set me off course somehow. I’m sick of being idle, passive and stoic. I want to find that path again and continue to move forward. So, with this first post of reflection I aim to be more active, creative and involving with what I publish to this wondrous, blank canvas.

Until next time,