A Writer’s Update: A Month Away (Give Or Take Several Days)


So, I had decided to take some time off, sort of speak for the month of November to rethink a few things, make some outlines, make a few lists and just a general plan for the next few months now that I’m not in the safe, cozy and familiar isolation that was my solitude.

I think it would be tactful to go without mentioning though that the break was much needed in the sense that I was sort of grappling with that reoccurring feeling of being spun around in this uncreative void. This break was not only on my blog, but it was also on all of my social media platforms, and it even included a slight step back from interacting with a few of my friends on occasion because I felt so incredibly and embarrassingly lazy.

That time away was not spent entirely in vein, however. I had some time to work on a few small projects for my two dachshunds, (one’s my brother’s, but he’s also technically mine now) and discovered I both love and hate making and altering clothes for them.

I played catch up with my family for my sister’s birthday, began writing articles for Notebook Culture, and spoke at the 25th Bridges From School to Work Recognition Reception in November. I’m happy that these two opportunities came into view when they did because they steadily pulled me out of that uncreative void. I love the concept and purpose behind Notebook Culture, which is dedicated to showcasing, promoting and connecting artists with other artists that are not well known, just starting out, and experienced artist with insightful and relatable stories to share with the world every.

Moreover, as a proud Bridges Program alumnus I was thrilled and honored when I was personally asked to write a speech for the reception. The Bridges Program (founded by the Marriott Foundation) was really the starting point for me starting out professionally and it felt wonderful to share my love and gratitude to the program after nearly ten years since I was a part of it. Not only did the vibes from the other attendees, honorees and speakers fill my heart but I was thrilled to meet up with my personal rep from the program and meet Mr. Marriott ( the founder of the foundation) once again and share that night with my little brother.


Me & Mr. Marriott at the Bridges Recognition Reception

As I ride out the rest of 2015, I hope to have a few more installments of The Protector Series drafted and edited, several more book reviews posted and a less jitter and anxious filled creativity block leading into the new year.

Thank you so much for reading ^_^

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