I Want Out (Pt.1 Of Stages)

Hiya, guys:

This post is clearly a bit different than the normal ones, obviously, but I’ve been kind of in a weird limbo lately. I used to write a lot of poems in high school to help put things into perspective and I was struggling with a bit of raw emotions this month, creatively, professionally and personally, so I decided to go back to my roots, sort of speak.

My original goal was to keep all/any poems I wrote on my writer’s cafe page here, basically because the pieces are usually short, but since it’s a short series, I figured putting them here would be better.  (Though I will still be posting them to my writer’s cafe page.)

There are a few parts to this collect and if it isn’t clear already, Stages deals with the different levels of separation. Not only romantic relationships, but familial ties and friendships. I hope you all enjoy it and take something from it or, at the very least are able to find some catharsis in it.

I Want Out (Pt.1 Of Stages)

I want out
Of this afflicting corrosion
Of this cage
Of these chains

Let me breathe
The fresh, brisk air of freedom
The wondrous curiosity of the future
The alluring excitement of adventure

Cut these strings
That hold, restrict and control me
That protect, connect, and console me
That loved, sheltered and enriched me

Walk away
From the years of warmth, family and structure
From the fights, tears and shattering glass
From the promises, secrets, distance and omission

Fessing up
To my lover
To my best friend
To my partner in crime

That the life we built can no longer withstand the destructive force of this relentless storm

That the more we try, the more it hurts
That the void between us is much bigger than three little words

That the dust will never settle because these pieces aren’t worth saving
That we’re chasing down shadows from our past, but those strangers are never coming back


As always, thanks so much for reading.

Until next time,