Book Review: Demon Within by: Alex Westmore

Demon Within (The Silver Legacy #2)
By: Alex Westmore
Genre: YA Fiction, GLBT,  FF Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Fiction
Rating: 3.5 stars
Release: Sept. 14th 2015

Publisher: Broad Winged Books

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Heartbroken but not alone, Denny Silver finds her body overtaken by an ancient force so powerful she risks losing herself completely to its dangerous agenda. As if hunting and killing demons wasn’t hard enough, now the demons are after an innocent, young girl whose Wiccan womb seems the perfect incubator for their hell spawn. Like Denny can just stand back and let that happen.

She can barely control herself or her demon these days, so how in the hell is she supposed to protect the world? Add to all this the fact that her brother now faces the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit, her mother is a vegetable, and her little sister has been removed from her protection, and—yeah—it’s been one hell of a fucked up year for Denny.

Desperate, she seeks help from the last place she expected to look: the local coven. She knows their help comes with a price tag. Will it be too high to pay? Can they help her level the playing field in a supernatural world bent on destroying all she holds dear? Find out as Denny and her merry band of supernatural rejects attempt to save Savannah from certain doom in Demon Within.

Book Review

I really liked reading this book this month. From start to finish, I kept feeling like I was reading an almost retelling of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or at least a story/universe similar to hers. The darker scene equally paired with surprising bouts of humor and sarcasm. The nightlife in which Denny could “stalk” or be “stalked” by things that went bump in the night. The tingling sensation she got whenever there was a demon near by? Witches and ghosts as girlfriends? The older trainer/watcher-type looking out for her? Dropping out of school to focus on her demon hunting duties?? Total Buffy-verse.

However, I must admit that my rating of this book is largely connected to my lack of knowledge of the first book as this book was sent to me as a review copy. For instance, I actually liked it when the character Rush wasn’t around. Although a bit lost and a little wild, Denny seemed to be in her element and I liked that she was seeing other (and actual) people.

Another thing that bother me while reading this book was the pacing in regards to the truth behind Denny’s brother, Quick when in actuality focal point throughout the book was connected to Denny, her Hanta and its connection to her family. Besides the fighting scenes in which Denny let her Hanta out, I really enjoyed the insight that Denny and the reader gets with each of her mother’s journal entries.

Denny has the opportunity to learn about her “new self” as well as get a chance to see how her mother handled the gift/responsibility and see that even without her presence, Denny can still feel close/connected to her. This book had a lot of great characters and a great narrative that was easy to follow (even without prior knowledge of details from the first book) but I do think I should go back and read the first book, before I continue onto the third book in this series, Blood Of The Demon.

If you love Buffy, love demon hunters, witches, or better yet, already a fan of the Silver Legacy series, than I would definitely recommend this book to you.

Author ImageAbout The Author:

Alex Westmore has lived in a haunted house, has a raging empath for a best friend, and eats up paranormal experiences with a huge supernatural spoon. To get closer to the action, she has spent time with Voodun in New Orleans, medicine men in the Southwest, and a Shaman in the Amazon.

Alex is a five-time award winning author of several series, from zombies to demons to empaths, oh my! When she isn’t writing, she’s thinking about writing and imagining where her next great adventure will take her.

Spice up your life! Join Alex on her next amazing adventure…you will be so glad you did.

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