Wander This World by: GL Tomas Book Review (18+)

Wander This World  (18+)

By: GL Tomas

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: New Adult Romance, Paranormal, Horror, Interracial Romance

Publisher: Rebellious Valkyrie Press

Release Date: May 7th 2016

Review copy received from authors in exchange for an honest review.

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Some people are just attracted to darkness…

Penley thought he had his life figured out. So why does his world turn upside down when Melanie Blue walks back in it?

Melanie’s lived a thousand lives–possibly taken even more. Targeted by serial killer, she’ll find she has more to worry about than resisting own her nature.

When Penley and Melanie’s path collide, they’ll find that want and need often lead to the same thing.

Will Melanie lose everything when she meets her match?

Book Review:

Like many of the New Adult narratives by GL Tomas, Wander This World offers unique and fresh character perspectives that go against expectations of the genre in the best way. For instance, an unconventional vampire, a creepy and (almost) darker character other than said vampire—that’s learned to curb her blood lust with mint chocolate—and Doctor Who.

I mean, need I say more?

Well, since you insist, I loved how this book had this dark and ominous undertone throughout the book that was entirely separate/independent from that fact one of the main characters is a vampire. Presented in both first and third person perspective, I think every reader will feel the horror/fear factor when it comes to the sadist, serial killer in this book. I mean I almost felt bad for him when Melanie turned on him—almost.

I thought that particular scene—the entire sequence actually—was amazing. If anything, I wish we had seen more of Mel’s dark side (puun!). I think she’s sexy-cool and it would be great to learn more about her life so far (or life as a) vampire.

On that note, I loved the fact that Mel’s character isn’t even presented as the typical, cookie-cutter idealization of the vampire in the narrative. She is who and what she is. I might be over using the word here, but again, I also loved that we find out her character not only chose her name and new identity, but her apparent appearance as well; as in her ethnicity!?.

GL, that was way cool. 🙂

Also, as a Whovian, I really enjoyed all the Doctor Who references in this book and Mel’s love and connection to the Doctor. I garner that the little tidbit about her choosing her appearance was influenced by the show as well. As she is the last, only and first of her kind in the entire world and universe. (Sorry. I got existential there for a second)

The little dance between Penley and Melanie was cute and the two played off of each other really well, but I found that I saw his character as too much of a freshy (freshman) for a majority of the story. Nevertheless, I liked how quickly his character came around when he discovered the truth about her and accepted her as she was. If you love vampires/ vampire romances and that ever-present fear factor when you’re reading, you should definitely check this book out.

And as if it needs to be said, Wander This World has made it to my blogger recommendation and re-read lists.

As always, thank you so much for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more reviews to come. 🙂

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