You & I (Pt. 2 Of Stages)


So for this part of the Stages titled You & I, I have incorporated three elements: the passing of a loved one, a friendship ending and a romantic relationship coming to an end. This installment ties in with I Want Out, but on a slightly different level because of the other perspectives included within this poem as well as the dual perspectives You & I offers to the reader.

You & I (Pt. 2 Of Stages)

You’re the only person I let see me cry
You’re the only one who stays up late talking with me on the phone when I can’t sleep

I can remember when we said our goodbyes on that stale, hot August day
I can remember the way the light in your eyes faded as you slipped away

You’re the first person I want to share my good news with
You’re the only one who understands my jokes with just a look

I want to stop you, chase you down, and make you change your mind
I want to go back to hanging out in the park and talking on the porch at night

You were the love of my life
You were my best friend

I don’t think time will heal this wound
I don’t think I want it to

Your scent is still on the pillow lying next to me
You’re love is still the gravity that grounds me

I will not just let this go
I will not be played as the your fool

You don’t have a monopoly over grief, pain or loss
You can’t say that what was between us meant nothing at all

I see right through those lies, quit pretending you’re sorry
You are so arrogant and cruel

Now I’m the problem?
I’m the reason you didn’t want to try?

No, but I wonder why it took this much effort to finally see the real you


As always, thanks so much for reading ^__^

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