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Dead Jed: Return of The Jed
by: Scott Craven
Publisher: Month9Books
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Zombie Humor, Supernatural
Rating: 4 Stars

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With seventh grade behind him, Jed jumps at the opportunity to spend the summer in Mexico with his dad. But there’s just one catch: Luke and Tread get to tag along.

​In Mexico, fitting in​might be easier than Jed imagined, ​with Holidays such as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)​.​ Here, a ​rising 8th grade zombie ​boy ​and his zombie dog ​won’t draw that much attention.

​But then Tread unwittingly sets off Mexico’s Chupacabra Defense Network and Jed accidentally collides with a bus​. So much for blending in. T​​he unusual pair catch the eye of a professional wrestler, who challenges ​Jed to a fight!​ ​

Their antics manage to ​capture the attention of a doctor​ who​se knowledge of the undead ​caus​es Jed to question his very existence. ​Is this the answer Jed’s been hoping for since his parents sat him down for the “you’re a zombie” talk? Jed may have finally found a way to be normal, but at what cost?

Dead Jed: Return of the Jed is book 3 in Scott Craven’s humorous and heartwarming series about surviving middle school, fitting in, and embracing one’s differences – even if you are a zombie.


Book & Series Review:

Honestly, before this book tour, I wasn’t aware of this series and I wanted to give the best review I could, so I read the first two books in this series, Adventures of a Middle School Zombie and Dawn of The Jed, and I am beyond thrilled that I did!

Scott Craven does a great job of pulling the reader into a state of suspension of disbelief with the creation of such a relatable, adolescent recall of those awkward pre-teen years, while incorporating such vivid body horror and humor.

This may just be the fan in me—and the fact that I haven’t seen that many Zombie centered films, per say—but I found myself thinking of David Cronenberg’s earlier cult-classics while reading of Jed and his “cardiovascularly challenged,” condition. Which I feel has something to do with Craven’s meticulously serious and professional approach of the undead.

There were a lot of things about this series that made me laugh, that made me teary eyed and that made me fall in love with all of these characters: Jed and Luke’s friendship, Jed’s supportive and quirky parents, and even Robbie-the-bully. Moreover, I really loved reading about Jed’s dog, Tread in book two and the rise of tension Jed had to face in school, but more to the point.

With Craven’s third installment in the Dead Jed series, Return of the Jed, I found that the book seemed to reveal a new level of Jed’s perspective and give the readers an even deeper inside look on how hard being a Zombie really is on Jed. In the first book, it was clear when Robbie started bullying Jed that Jed wanted nothing more than to fit in and be like all of the other kids, and we sort of get an echo of that in the third book. I do not like to give away spoilers often when it comes to book series, but I will say this: I was extremely relieved that our undead friend, Jed remained undead.

I would like to point out, if it were not already obvious, that if you are the squeamish type, this series may not be the book for you. And if you love all things Zombie and blended real life/supernatural humor, than this series is definitely something you will enjoy reading.

This book and series is something I would have loved to have read when I was younger and it’s definitely something I would recommend for a younger audiences in middle school, like my cousins. Because beyond its adolescence humor and body humor, the stories give a voice to a character who deals with, albeit extreme, circumstance that are out of his control based on a condition he’s had his entire life. Though it is a far cry from a real life disability, the message is there just the same.

Moreover, when it comes down to it, it really is about owning your differences and accepting that not everyone is the same. You should never take for granted those who support you and you should never take for granted the things that make us all unique. ^__^ Really a strong and positive message from this series.


Scott-CravenAbout the Author:

Proud graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, have one son who will turn 18 in March 2013, now a features writer for The Arizona Republic.

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