Thought of the Day: Dreams

Everyone has a dream and no matter how little or simple it may seem to others these kinds of dreams matter.

And yet there are people out there in the world who live off of destroying others dreams for the future, for a better life and for happiness.

And then there are those who destroy their own dreams for their own future.
Why is that?

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we all driven by dreams? Goals? Isn’t that what gets us up in the morning and gets us moving?

People with careers, people who go to school, people with kids, I mean everyone.

Those with careers you must have a dream that is encoded in your DNA that makes you continue to do the work n job that you do.

Parents when you wake up are you not lead by the dream of your children being happy, healthy and safe?

Need I say anything about those who continue to go to school and learn? All dream driven.

My question was why and how a person could just give up on their dream and I believe the answer lies with human beings as a whole. We, as I am sure you know, are our own worse enemies and we are our neighbor’s worse enemies as well.

Influence as powerful and helpful as it can be is a dangerous thing that can corrupt and steel a person’s spirit.

So my advice to you is to hold onto your dreams tight, be your only source of influence when you find yourself going through the ringer. 🙂

All the best–Arwen