Pink Lipstick Korean Drama and others…

Okay so currently on my Summer Break I have been trying to catch up on all of the Kdramas that I have been missing. I just FInished watching Love Cheer or Hooray for Love, which was absolutely amazing!!! As much as I hated all of the bad things that happened and all of the things that stood in the way of Jae-mi and Dong-Woo love and relationship I LOVED how strong and determined Dong-Woo was to Jae-mi from the beginning and how he stayed by her and supported her!

This drama had everything!! I means love, lost, tears, laughs, dedication to family and dedication for love for good solid reasons! You are totally aware that you are watching a drama but the realness of most of the situations in the drama kind of makes you forget that you’re watching a drama and I loved that!

I loved how up until the end the audience is either hating or dis-liking Joo-ri where as with Jeong-soo and Hee-soo we sort of end up liking or feeling sorry for them kind of mid-way through. The supporting cast in this drama like Dae-moon and his daughter (who I LOVED) Da-reum were sooo funny and great!! Truly an all around awesome cast!  And I was so surprised that I stayed with it and watched it for zoo long but it really draws you in, it really has been the longest drama I have ever watched.

Next I want to talk about: You’re Beautiful. 

Now I’m sure this drama is great but I don’t know, I feel like I’m just really tired of watching the good/smart lead female fall for the mean/bad/not right for you bad guy instead of the best pick for you second guy. I made it to episode…8 I think before calling it quits. Its still on my instant queue but I just don;t have the stomach to watch it right now.


UGH! There are not enough words to describe how awesomely kick-ass this show is!!!!! I just thought I’d mention that for a quick second before moving on. I want to give City Hunter it’s OWN post. ^_^

Now on to  Pink Lipstick korean drama.

Now I am starting this drama because of Love Cheer and the promise it had for longer dramas BUT I’m not sure of how committed I should be to the drama. By the opening credits and the first episode its clear that revenge is on its way but I keep watching it and all I do is go LOOOK! THERE SIGNS OF LIES, DISLOYALTY, AND NO GOOD BACK STABBING GOLD DIGGERS!! *sigh* but what can you do :/

OH! And also I am watching Rooftop Room Cat which I had started watching but then stopped because again I was not liking the lead guy and his dushbagie-ness but I’m trying to make a habit out of finishing what ever I start @_@

Until later cyber world.