FIT (FIT Trilogy #1) (+18) By: Rebekah Weatherspoon Book Review

FIT (FIT Trilogy #1) +18 readers
By: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, BDSM, Interracial
Rating: 4 stars
Format: ebook
Release date: June 23rd 2014
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Violet Ryan loves the delicious food she gets to eat on the reality shows she produces for The Food Channel. What she hates is her expanding waistline. Determined to drop the pounds, Violet hatches a plan to kick-start a fitness regimen. But when her determination isn’t enough to get her through even one intense group class without breaking down into tears, she knows she needs a new approach and possibly a new trainer—one with a lighter touch.

Grant Gibson has always managed to mix business with pleasure, but now this trainer by day, and Dominant by night, is bored. Bored and lonely. Even though he owns one of L.A.’s hottest private gyms, his personal life is sorely lacking. After his last submissive tried to kidnap his dog and the contents of his bank account, he’s in no hurry to take a new lover under his wing. Not until the voluptuous Violet falls into his lap.

She may be wary of his unorthodox approach of using sexual gratification as a reward, but even before her initial weigh-in Violet can’t seem to stay away from the sexy fitness god. She may have to let Grant show her there’s more than one way to get in shape…

**This story contains light acts of bondage and a feisty submissive who gives her Dominant a run for his money.**

Book Review

What I loved most about this book was the fact that I went in kind of skeptical about the premise and my expectations and assumptions were completely shattered and exceeded! 🙂

I won this book and the other two books in a giveaway and whole heartedly wanted to give this series a shot for two reasons. The first was because of my New Year’s resolution to read outside of my normal genre/interest list.

And the second was because of what I read about the author, Rebekah Weatherspoon on The Twinja’s blog. I cannot tell you how happy I was after reading this book because the characters and the narrative surprised me and caught me off guard. I find that there is an expectation for books of this genre to be a bit predictable with two-dimensional characters (which is what I thought) but that is not at all what FIT offers.

Violet and Grant’s relationship and their interactions were always humorous and realistic. I liked that Violet and Grant both resembled that of a believable courtship of a budding couple in the making. With the book’s premise in mind, I never felt as though the story relied solely on the springboard of Grant and Violet’s “training” arrangement.

In fact, with Violet’s inquisitive and skeptical personality and her unwavering banter with Grant, the book seemed to poke fun of itself slightly. Violet was such a thought out and well-rounded character and I loved reading the way she down played her new bdsm/submissive relationship with Grant. Whom, if you didn’t know any better came across as a smitten-kitten when it came to Violet and not always the bdsm/dom that he was made out to be. Four stars for this funny, cute, sexy and entertaining read. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, guys. I’ll be sure to type up reviews for the other two books in this series when I read them.

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