Book Review: F* THS by G. L Tomas (18+ readers)

F*THS  by: G.L. Tomas

Release date: Feb. 28th 2016

Publisher: Rebellious Valkyrie Press

Genre: New Adult, Romance, ages 18 +

Rating: 5 stars

Review copy: received from Author in exchange for honest review



Teddy had two rules—Live for the moment and never look back.

With wealth, good looks and confidence at her fingertips, nothing was going to stop her from living life to the fullest. Not even the secret she’s been forced to live with.

When Asher Rose met Teddy King, he knew it’d be trouble but it was just the kind of trouble he didn’t mind himself falling in, what he didn’t plan was falling hard for the girl no one could tame.
What happens when you take a trip on this sexy ride? An intense, messy and wild ride all the way down.

*FTHS is the Book One in a duology. It is intended for Adults 18+ for explicit casual sex, drug use and profanity

My Thoughts

I already know that I will read everything and anything by GL Tomas, but reading this ARC of F*THS was even more proof of the duo’s talent to craft such compelling and entertaining stories.

Infusing their unique exuberance into this New Adult/Romance concept, GL Tomas have created an emotionally gripping and raw story of life, love, sex, and friends with benefits with an unwavering level of honesty.

Furthermore, with the fluidity perspective (which best emulates the social conducts today) on the complicated borders of intimacy and relationships, I found that I was able to enjoy the book and story even more.

Teddy’s character is a seductive, sassy, tough-as-nails, Afro-Latina who is always bluntly honest with the people in her life. Her character takes advantage of each moment, day and breath of freedom she is able to get due to her condition.

As someone who has lost two people to breast cancer in three and a half years, I whole heartedly understand Teddy’s “give no f**ks” attitude and determination to live her life by her own rules as the lymphoma lurks in the shadows, waiting to steal what little control and freedom she has in her life.

Really loved that Teddy doesn’t just talk about the things she wants to do or who she wants to be with and when she wants to be with them. Even today, women are expected to still honor a nonsensical code of conduct when is comes to being expressive and sexually adventurous/forward or in control of their own sexual enlightenments.

Not to venture too far away from my thoughts on this book, but I read this great article by Rebecca Traister titled This Game is Rigged: Why sex that’s consensual can still be bad. And why we’re not talking about it, which shinned some light on a lot of things, but in particular the aspect of the “male sexual entitlement,” which was described as being,

…the expectation that male sexual needs take priority, with men presumed to take sex and women presumed to give it to them….men set the terms, host the parties, provide the alcohol, [and] exert the influence. Male attention and approval remain the validating metric of female worth, and women are still (perhaps increasingly) expected to look and fuck like porn stars — plucked, smooth, their pleasure performed persuasively. Meanwhile, male climax remains the accepted finish of hetero encounters; a woman’s orgasm is still the elusive, optional bonus round… (Traister)”

I loved that Traister also comments on the sexist, double standards women encounter when it comes to sex,

“…Then there are the double standards that continue to redound negatively to women: A woman in pursuit is loose or hard up; a man in pursuit is healthy and horny. A woman who says no is a prude or a cock tease; a man who says no is rejecting the woman in question. And now these sexual judgments cut in two directions: Young women feel that they are being judged either for having too much sex, or for not having enough, or enough good, sex… (Traister)”

Teddy’s character (unforgivingly, and rightly, so) takes action, fully exercising her right to be explorative and adventurous with her coitus 😉

Enter, Asher. The tall, tattooed, pieced sk8ter-boy and just as promiscuously amped as Teddy. And let me just tell you, sparks will fly between these two…then the flames from those sparks will ignite and before you know it, you’ll be completely engulfed, but that’s okay. I guarantee you won’t even care that you’re on fire, you’ll just want more. (this analogy got away from me a bit, but who cares?! XD )

The level of intimacy, which grows between Teddy and Asher, in this book is only measured by the level of relatable honesty and authenticity that will make you really connect with these characters. The venerability and fear Teddy shares with the reader—and ultimately Asher (to an extent)—instantly grounds you to her character and it might make you rethink the small gifts of life we might take for granted everyday and it’s humbling.

On a completely random note, I also adored the fact that Teddy’s petite frame constantly came up in the narrative XD. I basically live with a step-stool by my side, so I completely understand her plight. And from the dialect to the parties and the jokes, it kind of felt like I was back in school XD ; I found myself thinking about friends from college (even high school) and how a lot of what happens in this book—the sex, drugs, booze—I experienced or witnessed happen in real life.

Furthermore, I liked watching the slight changes in Asher and Teddy’s characters, as they grew closer to one another, but not dependent on each other. The one thing I will say is that it was heart wrenching and dramatically exciting to see the slips in communication between Asher and Teddy cause such speed bumps in their relationship.

It was like reading a soap opera or watching a Korean drama (with way better character depth) where the two leads were so close to each other, but kept seeming to miss one another.

The angst level is strong with this one 🙂 but Teddy and Asher worked well together as lovers and as friends, and I don’t know what is in store for them in the next book, but I’m so excited to find out.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

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