Orphan Black S3 Ep 8 “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” | Review

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Weekly Episode Poster (Image thanks to BBC America’s Orphan Black Website)

Wow–Talk about a delayed post!! Welcome back, Clone Club members for another enticing Orphan Black episode review. (If you do not find them enticing, humor me a little, please?)

This week’s episode,  “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method,” written by Gemme Manson and Chris Roberts, brought back a few familiar faces, Dr. Coady, Benchman, and Rudy, laid the ground work for a trip back to London in the search for the Castor clone original while setting up an ingenious triple-double cross resulting in surprising clone swap.

Was that as nail biting and hook reeling as it felt? If yes, great! If no, stick around for jaw dropping details.  This week’s episode seemed to be about following the ball (aka the plot) as it shuffles back and forth under the cups.

Dr. Coady & Benchman

With Dr. Coady’s brief appearance we learned that she was still recovering from the explosion on the military base two episodes back. However, in her short scene we were privy to a short hint in regards to a possible puppet master behind LEDA and CASTOR in her conversation with Benchman.

Delphine & Krystal (Image thanks to BBC America’s Orphan Black’s website)

Substitute Dyad Queen Bee, Delphine paid a visit to Krystal Goderitch, the poor Leda clone who we saw briefly at the beginning of the season. In an attempt to check in on the naive clone, Delphine determines that since her run in with the Castor boys; Krystal had not put two-and-two together.

Elsewhere a still grieving Sarah admits to Cosima her fear of loosing someone else from the clone club during a brief heart-to-heart chat, where she learns that Scott has news to share.

At the Hendricks’ house, Helena settles in, against Donnie’s protests and tries to adapt to the suburban life as she is given soap making tasks in Alison’s new store and a new wardrobe.

Once Sarah learns that Rachel is able to decode the book, she and Felix set out to track down and steal the identity of Krystal in order to help Rachel disappear from Dyad—and most importantly Delphine—it appears that for once all the Leda clones in play have come to work with one another.

That is until Dr. Nealon shows up at Ms. S’s house and takes a seizuring Rachel back to Dyad for “treatment.” Left to believe Rachel has unexpectedly slipped unexpectedly into a coma, Sarah, Felix and Ms. S examine the page Rachel deciphered from the book and learn that the original Castor subject maybe in London.


Donnie & Jason:

I’d like to say kudos to Alison having these two fighting over her! Donnie and Jason’s fight scene was one of my favorites from this episode. Donnie & Jason fight for Alison (Image thanks to BBC America’s Orphan Black website)

I love the way Donnie steps up for his wife, their family and their marage. He’s not a skilled fighter by the looks of things, but gosh darnit he was not afraid to try.  Hands down my favorite line: “I may be a bitch, but I’m Alison’s bitch.” Donnie, I love you.

Donnie & Helena:

Donnie & Helena make soap

I see a weird alliance forming here between these two. I am not sure of what kind, due to Helena’s attraction to Donnie and his current jealousy of Jason, but it was so nice to hear Helena’s laugh.

Donnie makes Helena laugh. (Gif thanks to #Orphanblack’s tumblr page

And if the preview for the next episode was any indication of Helena going to her “dark place” to seek retaliation for what Jason did to Donnie, I think we can all expect to see these two grow a bit closer next season if she you know—ccllllckk him or something. 0_o

Cosima vs Delphine:

Cosima and Delphine in the lab

Talk about power plays. Seeing these two go up against one another, knowing that they each still love one another led to some serious feels. From Delphine trying to hide her jealousy over Cosima bringing Shay to the lab with an excuse of “security reasons.”

Then for Cosima to pull a “I’m quitting” stunt to buy Sarah a bit of time after they “broke” Rachel out of Dyad, but in fact Delphine knew about the plan (of course during the scene we didn’t know that) and she still showed genuine concern for Cosima being “out in the cold” if she left the institute.

Cosima & Delphine kiss (image thanks to #orphanblack’s tumblr).

Delphine’s unwavering refusal to accept Cosima’s resignation led to the two finally being honest with one another (and kiss!) I loved Cosima’s little moment (just be for the kiss) where she admits to having a near death experience.

Rudy & Scott:

I have to admit that I kind of screamed out loud when I saw Rudy in Scott’s house!

Rudy and Denise (Gif thanks to #Orphanblack’s tumblr)

I was worried for Scott’s cat, sure, but I was even more freaked out that Rudy was going to snap the cat’s neck and then snap Scott’s and I’d have to watch it. :-/ I really like Scott and I would like him to not only make it through the rest of this season, but also be around for future episodes to come.

Rachel vs Sarah

My hat goes off to Rachel for her performance in this week’s episode. Her escape plan with Dr. Nealon to not only fool Sarah but Delphine in the process was handled/written beautifully. I am, however, sad for Krystal in all of this mess.

  #bloodyrachel (Gif thanks to #Orphanblack’s tumblr)

Sarah was serious about trying to keep her out of the whole ‘Clone Club’ stuff because she wanted one of ‘them’ to keep the life they had outside of Dyad. You could tell during those scenes that Sarah could relate to how Krystal was feeling when she mentioned having a feeling that there was something off.

And my episode rating is an 8 out of 10  because in my opinion, the LEDA clones have that trait in common and I feel like the writers did a good job in showing  Sarah not wanting to put another sister/clone through what the rest of them have been going through. Despite the difference with Sarah being raised as a “child in the dark/black”, which allowed her to have a somewhat normal, Dyad/Monitor free life she now knows what it is like to be immersed in the Dyad world and it is clear she wouldn’t want to wish that upon anyone else.

Until next time, guys

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