This space thriller filled opened last week on Oct. 4th and it seems like everyone is in LOVE with Gravity. I had added the film to my to-watch list. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney this blockbuster hit has already grossed 55.8 million dollars?? I am strongly upset about two things, one, being I will not be able to see this film for another week, and second being the fact that if I had not accidentally clicked on a link to the trailer of this film on Youtube it may have never even made it onto my radar.

Being a huge fan of all things space related, be it sci-fi or reality, I am buzzing and jumping and itching to see this movie!! I have since been trying to avoid anyone I know who has already seen it , without me, as well as blogs and fan forms in relation to this movie. I bring it up now because while I was looking into more info about Machete Kills on Rotten Tomatoes when of course all of my attention was drawn to Gravity. But a last here ends my pre-viewing rant about this film.

I will try my best to avoid talking about it until my actually viewing, goonies^__^