kdrama Que Sera Sera, what a disappointment…..

I’ll try to make this short and painless though I think that will be very difficult. the Kdrama Que Sera Sera was in my opinion was a complete wast of time. Which is sad and hard for me to say because I loved it up until episode 9. I was so happy and glad the for once the lead was sticking it to the lead jerk after he continuously bullied, belittled, picked and hurt her. Han Eun Soo ( the lead girl) was at first a little too timid and annoying at first but she grew on me and Kang Tea Joo (the lead guy) was such a player and a jerk that I was rooting for the two of them because she actually seemed good for him. She was brutally honest and straight forward with him and after he kissed her on a wim without giving her a real reason why or admitting that he may have actually found her cute she did the right and smart thing by going to the police station and filing a sexual harassment case against him. XD to me it was a win-win situation and well deserved on his part.

 Then in a drunken state on Eun Soo’s part we see a little hint and spark of emotion which made me happy and you could see a change in him towards her in his eyes but it didn’t take long for him to completely crush her and break up with her. That kind of behavior on his part left him no right to even speak to her or for him to be offend or hurt when she acted and treated him the way that she did afterwards.

 After their split, Eun Soo soon begins to bond and grow closer to her new boss Shin Joon Hyuk who was pretty amazing through out the entire series. He was in love with his serrate sister and pushed her away because he did not feel he was worth being with her because of his background. His feelings for her were strong and pure but out of everything he wanted her, Cha Hye Rin, to be happy. Unknowing to Joon Hyuk that Hye Rin and her new bo, Tea Joo were only pretending to be together to make him jealous. This never stopped Tea Joo from messing with Eun Soo every single time he had the chance,especially when he was given a job at the department store where Joon Hyuk was the CEO and Eun Soo was an intern. AND It didn’t stop Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk from forming a relationship I am happy to say. However, in episode 9 when the two couples end up going on a fashion i.e. business related trip together things take a bad/weird and down right twised turn for the worst. After an intense dinner together, Tea Joo gets drunk and goes to Eun Soo’s room where she and Joon Hyuk were together on the balcony.

He gets even more angry and decides to blurt out that he, Joon Hyuk, and Hye Rin were lovers. ( this should not have ended the way it did because in several scenes in the drama it is clear that Eun Soo knows or it is hinted to her that Joon Hyuk was at one point with Hye Rin, but whatever) Eun Soo responds to Tea Joo by sticking with Joon Hyuk and kicking him out of her room. Soon after Tea Joo goes to get drunk yet again and cries at the bar which I enjoyed seeing, and Joon Hyuk apologies for not telling Eun Soo about his real relationship with Hye Rin and that he wanted the trip to be a real beginning and a fresh start for the two of them.

At that point I was on cloud 9. But however the happiness soon fades when the following night Tea Joo barges into Eun Soo’s room kisses her and attacks her, pinning her down on the bed as she attempts to stop him. Hye Rin finds them and what do you think she does? She attacks Eun Soo. Why? I have no idea but you’d thin she try to help her after just nearly being raped. Tea Joo pulls Hye Rin off of Eun Soo and pulls Eun Soo, who’s cloths are ripped out of the room and out to the entrance of the hotel where he confesses his so called love for her. Eun Soo pulls free and walks out into the rain where Tea Joo follows and she turns around and kisses him. 0____o I’m sorry but this is where I stopped watching and dropped the show from my drama list.

Maybe its just the western in me and god I hope I’m wrong but when a guy forces himself on you like that and you are trying to push him away I would never go anywhere with him, listen to what he has to say or accept him in any way shape or form. And all I kept thinking was WHERE IS YOUR SEXUAL HARASSMENT SUIT NOW????? YOU CAN CLEARLY FILE ONE NOW. What is with these girls? Do they like being treated like trash and not human beings? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU CHOOSE A GUY LIKE THAT???

To get over the nasty ease it left in my mouth and head I had to re-watch Coffee Prince, no that I’m complaining because it definitely brightened me up but geez louise. Needless to say I stopped watching the drama altogether because it is clear how it ended. But I want to say a few good things about it, up until ep 9 there were a lot of good revenge moments and cute ones between Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk.

  UPDATE ON OTHER DRAMAS: Still watching City Hunter because I don’t want it to EVER END! ^_^ I have to finish Rooftop Cat, although the relationship between the two leads reminds me of Tea Joo and Eun Soo. I can’t wait until the new kdrama BIG comes out!! I’ve missed Gong Yoo oo much!! And there are at least three other drama’s i will try to start watching this week as well. *sigh* so much to do, so little time. Till next time, annyong. ^_^