Sherlock Series 3: Episode One: The Empty Hearse

 To all my Sherlock-fan family out there from all over the world, I know that some of us may not have seen the first episode of Series 3 so I will try my very best not to spoil anything with this blog post. And as it is not so much of a review as a reaction post I just want to share my thoughts with the rest of you seeing as the last episode for series 3 will air tomorrow (oh be still my aching and anxious heart.)

From each character stand point Shelock’s Empty Hearse episode was, in my opinion, an episode filled with a representationment (is that even a word?)  of all the fans feelings, reactions, the theories, dream and expectations all wrapped up together quite nicely. And with out giving too much away I want to emphasis again feelings and theories here.

And it was very comical throughout out with Anderson’s theories and his act as the vessel for all the Sherlock fans which was awesome!  The episode showed relationship development and growth as everyone tired to move on without Sherlock.  I think all the fans can agree that we like Marry in Johns life, who happens to be Martin’s actual wife, Amanda Abbington, which makes it even cuter to see the two of them together or at least I think so.

She seems like a perfect fit for him (and not just on screen, the two are married in real life.) When I come back to talk about episode 2 I’ll have more to say about the lovely Marry. And I think we can also, or will all agree that Molly and Sherlock’s ‘day of cases/mysteries’

Was on some level Sherlock’s way of bonding/a date as well as his way of as he said saying thank you to her and is that a hint of admiration for her we see in his eyes?

Love that with Molly we still see the love for him there but also a bit of strength like we saw in series 2 episode 3 with her and Sherlock in the lab, you know the bit.

“You look sad when you think he can’t see you.”

“But you can see me”

“I don’t count.”

Because, and this is just in my opinion again, that she knows him very well and it was the first time Sherlock seemed to realize that she did and he was thrown off guard and completely surprised which as we all know dose not happen very often and in my opinion Sherlock found it attractive, new and unfamiliar.

Oh and did I mention the cameo of Sharron Rooney ???

The lovely actress and comedian who stars in My Mad Fat Diary?!! Series 2 premieres  next month and I am soo excited for it as well.  Okay I have gone on a bit here and I wanted to make this a brief one. But before I go, I’ve put in a few caps below to pique you’re interests a bit more ^__^.

Because Anderson’s face is just funny/priceless

A big thanks to Kissthemgoodbye for the Screen Caps!